day 200: god says eat your vegetables


7 Responses to “day 200: god says eat your vegetables”

  1. Like the layout and love the photos!

  2. Yes, sir/m’am/oh powerful ungendered being.

  3. bruce anderson Says:

    very impressive old cauliflower head…….it is quite refreshing to see/watch you grow (pun intended) and bring your head down from the clouds and into the earth…….it has been a great journey to observe from afar……..i wish you 100 years of 200 days………peace…….bka

  4. Michael Lord Says:

    Beautiful images Reed!
    Let me know where to pick up my tix & broccoli!–M

  5. Is this the last entry? So sad. Can you mail me some cauliflower, beets, potatoes, squash, you know the taste of fall.

  6. 200 days, 200 hits, but only 32 points in fantasy football this week…yikes.

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