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A season on the farm

Throughout the 2010 season, Gardens of Eagan* posted a (not-quite-but-almost) daily photo of our farm. The crew at GOE took turns taking pictures, with each photo categorized by the individual who snapped the shot. To check out past photos, simply click on a calendar date, scroll through the Archive, or browse photos of an individual crew member under the category Photographer.

The 2011 season will expand upon this theme. Having given a sense of what an overall season at GOE is like, this year we’ll focus more in depth on some of the things that make GOE the farm it is.

*Site maintained by primary photographer, Reed Turner

2 Responses to “This Blog”

  1. Sarah Brown Says:

    I work for Oregon Tilth and NRCS providing trainings to NRCS on organic production. I am putting power points together and would love to use some of your photos. Can I have permission to do that?

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